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Text: Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis, 7th Ed., LexisNexis;
Software: MARC1 – 2019; Book either in paper or e-version; MARC1 software (no charge)
Book and Software free to law enforcement participant
$500 to non-law enforcement

Overall Seminar Teaching Objectives

  1. Understand and apply fundamentals of accident reconstruction
  2. Identify and properly document critical accident scene and vehicle data
  3. Identify common and unique elements in crashes
  4. Understand energy balance and impulse in impact speed calculations
  5. Crush energy: Analysis of vehicle crash test data and their use in crash reconstruction
  6. In-line crash reconstruction: Head-on, rear-end and side swipe accident
  7. Intersection two-vehicle crashes with linear momentum
  8. Combined linear and rotational momentum
  9. Accident causation and avoidance analysis
  10. Velocity diagram: Motion analysis made simple
  11. Driver response: Reaction time and difference between real and ideal test drivers
  12. Fundamentals of slide-out and rollover accident reconstruction
  13. Hands-on training in reconstructing actual vehicle crashes

The unique and extremely user-friendly MARC1 software is a companion tool to the Text and will make the reconstruction of more complicated crashes a relatively easy task. Beginning in the early 90s, MARC1 was developed with many helpful inputs and hints from law enforcement and experts.




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