We offer these powerful brake and accident reconstruction analysis tools:

PC-BRAKE HYDRAULIC the only computer program commercially available that assists the brake engineer in designing the braking system for vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes or allows the brake expert to analyze braking performance including brake failure of existing vehicles (Learn more...)

PC-BRAKE AIR an expanded and fully updated version of the first computer program developed more than 30 years ago for air brake systems for commercial vehicles to have included dynamic axle load transfer, brake fade and push rod travel effectiveness developed by Dr. Limpert while at the University of Michigan (Learn more...)
MARC 1 (Motor vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause analysis) is a newly developed single CD windows operated expanded and extensively updated version of the popular easy-to-use court-proven LARM2 (Linear & Rotational Momentum) and AAA (Accident Avoidance Analysis) reconstruction programs (Learn more...)