MARC 1 contains the following modules (indicates number of sub-modules):

Motion Analysis (4); Two-Vehicle Collision Approach Analysis (3); Lane Change Maneuver (6); Single Steering to Avoid (2); Motorcycle Dynamics (7); Driver View Field (3); Passing Maneuver (2); Safe Following Distance; Combined Speeds; Skidding on Transverse Slope; Vault/Fall; Maximum Speed from Engine Data (3); Vehicle Hill Climbing; Vehicle Rollover (2); Detailed Car/Truck Rollover (2); Speed from Spin Marks; Braking to Avoid (2); Vehicle Stopping with Delay Time; Car/Pedestrian Impact (4);Curve Radius/Off-Tracking (6); Brake System Design Analysis (4); Collision with Restitution (4); Collision Analysis without Restitution (9); Vehicle Contact Diagram. Each module contains a comment section for notes, etc.

The new module “Collision with Low Speed Impact Restitution” includes analysis with Braking or Tire Side Forces which makes MARC 1 the only computer program available in the US to provide this important feature. Module “Collision Analysis without Restitution” contains modules for Head-on , Rear-end , Frontal or Rear Sideswipe , Linear Momentum (Delta-V), Limited After-Impact Data (one vehicle post crash data missing or rotations after impact only), Essential After-Impact Data based on known Impact Speeds with Crush Energies and Delta-V , Wall/Pole Impact with Crush Energy, Energy-Equivalent Speeds and Delta-V. Module “Brake System Design Analysis” is essential in accurately reconstructing crashes involving single axle lock-up and/or partial brake failure, or motorcycle braking.



Minimum Requirements:

  • 95/98/ME/XP
  • 300 mhz
  • Pentium 2
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 12x CD/DVD
  • 40 MB available hard drive space
  • 800 x 600 video
  • Input: keyboard/mouse





MARC1 - 2015

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ARC(Accident Reconstruction Catalog) in CD format provides accident scene/crash vehicles photographs and crash videos to assist the reconstructionist with a proper interpretation and application of reconstruction methodology to various types of vehicle crashes.




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More MARC-1 Information:

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What is Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis?

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MARC 1 (Motor vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause analysis) is a newly developed single CD windows operated expanded and extensively updated version of the popular easy-to-use court-proven LARM2 (Linear & Rotational Momentum) and AAA (Accident Avoidance Analysis) reconstruction programs. LARM2 has been sold worldwide by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).